Pureyes Amino Acid Cream Mousse Shower Gel Whitening Perfume Soap 135g

Specification: Shower Soap 135g

Shelf life: 36 months

Suitable for skin type: all skin type
Pink: Refreshing.Suitable for oily skin
Blue: Moisturizing.Suitable for dry and neutral skin

Main functions: skin rejuvenation, moisturizing, maintaining body fragrance

Pink: (Similar YSL BLACK OPIUM)

Description: I first smelled a kind of coffee caramel aroma, intellectual and elegant, but also with a bit of sexy, it is endless aftertaste

✅ Top notes:
Pink pepper, orange blossom, pear
✅ Middle notes:
Coffee, jasmine, almond, licorice
✅ Base notes:
Vanilla, patchouli, cedar, cashmere

Blue: Moisturizing (Similar YSL Mon Paris)

Description: Fruity licorice, after washing, there is a fresh and fruity fragrance, which is so sweet-silky clear

✅ Top notes:
Strawberry, raspberry, pear, bergamot, watermelon ketone
✅ Middle notes:
Mandala, peony, orange blossom, jasmine
✅ Base notes:
Patchouli, Musk, Norbergine

1.To protect our products, we have connection points. After you get the product, please open the lid, press down the back half of the mercury head hard, and disconnect the connection point.
2.Before use, please shake the bottle and press the mercury head, and the cream shower gel will appear immediately.



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